Gps represents your purchasing department for graphic production; in short, your Agent.
Whether you are a professional buyer of printed material or it is the first time you are involved with a graphic project, gps is an important
partner for you.

We can offer you cooperation with some of the world´s best printing companies and select precisely the one that is most appropriate for your production, at the same time as collaborating closely with you in monitoring the entire production process up to the finished and delivered piece of printed matter.


Our devotion to graphic production has been developed over many years of experience. Experience derived from involvement in the production process at printing works, as marketing manager, agent at advertising agencies, buyer at publishers etc. Having worked on both the production side and the purchasing side we have the insight and knowledge that unfortunately is generally lacking today.

We work with all types of graphic production, but what gets our pulse racing that bit faster is production of books and catalogues. Over the year we have become familiar with numerous printers throughout the world, and of these we have selected a small numbers that are currently part of our Family & Friends network.


Gps has a small and efficient organisaion that is supplemented by a strong network that we have named Family & Friends.

We have decided not to own production resources, but to work closely with others who share our passion for graphic production.

Our mutual objective is an end product that will surpass the customer´s expectations on all levels.

Within Family and Friends we enjoy a special relationship with Titel Books AB. Titel Books is a publishing company that we work with on a daily basis. Together we produce books for a large range of different customers. Take al look at Titel Books website www.titel.se – for more information about how we work together.

Our large customers include IKEA and McDonalds, but naturally we work with a number of major clients. When we meet we will be happy to show you samples of our most recent productions.

As some of our customers work with large volumes we can assure you that our costs are extremely competitive (=low prices). This is an advantage that benefits all our custumers.


Global Print Solutions AB
Tegelmästarvägen 4
S-234 35 Lomma

Tel office: +46 46 540 50 49
CEO/Owner Eskil Ahlman +46 733-48 00 30
Email: eskil@globalprint.se


We are not content to achieve
your expectations, we want
surpass them!